1500 HOURS

Clock hours

Clock hours

Cosmetology is a 1500 hour course designed to train students to become licensed cosmetologists upon graduation. Students must successfully complete the program with at least a 75% average, complete the Senior Project "business plan", turn in all assigned portfolios and pass a school administered mock state board test in order to successfully complete all graduation requirements and be eligible to take the state board testing for licensing.

In Cosmetology, we emphasize the development of your attitude, appearance and behavior. These traits coupled together will help make you a successful Cosmetologist. Ethics, standards, principles of safety, and general first aid treatment are also studied. These classes consist of the principles and techniques involved in the basic procedures of hair and nail care; the fundamentals of hair styling and shaping, manicures and pedicures are introduced. Mannequins, classmates, and the general public are utilized by the student to develop the manipulative skills and to practice these procedures. Also, you will be introduced to thermal services and skin care. Students will receive extensive training in chemical services. Cosmetology students will also receive training in basic facials as well as waxing.

Other Info: Upon completion of the course, student will receive a certificate of completion, and will qualify to take a state board test to become licensed as a Cosmetologist. The license must be renewed every two years by paying the necessary fee. School works on clock hours and the total tuition is based on the cost of the course and not credit hours

Cosmetology Instructor

400 hours

School Orientation

1 hours


24 hours

About Teaching

175 hours

About Skills

75 hours

About Learning

75 hours

About Professional Career

50 hours

Total Cost