Master Esthetician

The Master Esthetics Course is a 600-hour course designed to train students to become licensed Master Estheticians upon graduation. In Master Esthetician, the primary purpose is to train the student in the advanced manipulative skills, safety judgements, proper work habits and desirable attitude necessary to obtain an advanced position as a Master Esthetician, Medical Esthetics Technician, a Skin Care Therapist, or another related career avenue.

Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion, and will qualify to take a state board test to become licensed as a Master Esthetician. The state of Virginia currently does not require CEUS to maintain license. The license must be renewed every two years by paying the necessary fee. The schools works on clock hours and the total tuition is based on the cost of the course and not credit hours.

School Orientation (1hour)

Advanced business subject and infection control (44 hours)

State laws, rules and regulations (10 hours)

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology (65 hours)

Advanced skin care and advanced modalities (90 hours)

Advanced procedures and chemical exfoliation (270 hours)

Lymphatic Drainage (120 Hours)

And More