Our goals:

1.To train students to pass the state licensure exam as well as to be successful in the cosmetic art field.
2.To instill students with professional skills, work habits, attitudes, safety practices and awareness of their professional responsibilities.
3.To provide up-to-date training with new techniques, practices, products, and reference materials so that students stay knowledgeable in their chosen field of study
4.To provide placement assistance and career information to ensure graduates are placed in their chosen field of study.

1.To provide students with preparation to take the state board exam.
2.To prepare students with knowledge and skills to be eligible for entry level employment in the cosmetic art field.
3.To make sure students have the correct lesson plans that accommodates their program of choice that will be devoted to both theory and practical assignments.
4.To teach students to communicate effectively in order to build a strong clientele in the work force.